Our mission is to be a New Calling
for a New Age of the Church.

The Church

New Calling Christian Church is a pre-schism, independent Orthodox church. In 1054 A.D. the Roman Imperial east and west churches, better known as the Catholic and Eastern Orthodox Churches, split over political differences. For more than 700 years before this event, since the Council of Nicea in 325 A.D., the two churches were one, united by faith and doctrine. New Calling seeks to reclaim the unity and faith of that age, calling all believers to the First Gospel taught by Jesus Christ and witnessed by His disciples and their successors. That is why our church calls itself "Pre-Schism Orthodox," because we harmonize and combine the doctrines of both the east and the west churches, healing the divisions, filling the holes, and taking away the biases of that age-old political rivalry, leaving only Christ and His Church as they were meant to be.

The Community

Our church family is a welcoming and wonderful group of people. They are dedicated to making new people feel welcome and get over that new church oddball feeling. Centered around the Family Circle, a democratic body made up of all the members of the church, they actually make decisions and share an interest in their church's well-being.
The Family Circle structure makes it easy for even newcomers to feel like they have a say in what the church is doing and helps everyone feel like even the least active in the church can make a positive difference.
New faces are something that we pray for and welcome; whoever you are or whatever your challenges in life, there is a place for you here. Our community does not judge you based on what you look like or how much money you make, but rather tries to see you as Christ would: a child of God.

The Ministry

Our approach to ministry is information based, teaching believers about their heritage, the history of the church, and the role that Christianity should play in the 21st-Century world. We are not puritanical. We believe there is nothing wrong with having a beer with a friend, dating a girl (or boy) you like or listening to secular pop or rock music. We do have very strong values and morals, but we also know that God gave us life so that we should "have it abundantly." We are a New Calling for a new age of the church. A rationalistic church, working hard to help modern Christians find the midway point between reason and faith. We don’t think you should have to leave your brain at the door just to believe in Christ, and likewise, a hardworking man or woman shouldn’t have to be someone they are not when they walk into their church, for family loves you as you are.